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The quantity is big, for at least 8 servings; I use a deep round tray – 30 cm diam. Every Bulgarian housewife has her own recipe for moussaka. Being quite common dish on the Balkans, in the Balkan restaurants in… Continue Reading →

Peasant Stew with Potatoes

4 servings This stew is one of my favorite dishes – very simple, with the divine aromas of the peasant cuisine (savory, fresh peppers, leeks …). Products: 9 medium-sized potatoes cut into big pieces 1 leek, sliced 1 onion, cut… Continue Reading →

Poached Eggs

I offer you a swanky way to serve ordinary eggs. The recipe is for 1 serving – you will multiply it as much as you need. Products for 1 serving of poached eggs: 2 -3 eggs To each egg, you… Continue Reading →

Peppers with Eggs and Cottage Cheese Stuffing

12 pieces Very appetizing summer recipe with a typical Mediterranean flavor. Replace the cottage cheese with Feta (or another kind of hard white cheese) if you have at hand. Do not miss the dill to make your meal fresh and… Continue Reading →

Roasted Peppers with Tomato Sauce

3-4 servings Very light and delicious recipe for the summer season, which I prefer as a main dish. It could also be served as a salad/garnish. Products: 1 kg roasted red peppers, peeled (the weight is after they are baked… Continue Reading →

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These mini-cabbages are extremely delicious and easy to prepare. I have them as a main dish. You can serve them as a garnish to sausages/poultry meat or as a warm salad. In this case, no precise measures are needed. Products:… Continue Reading →

Güveç* (vegan)

6-8 servings  Here I present a classic vegan version of this traditional dish for Bulgarians. My grandmother always added okra and eggplant – it’s great if you have these vegetables. If you prefer it with meat – no problem to… Continue Reading →

Green Beans and Peas Stew

6 servings Green beans stew is one of my favorite vegan dishes, especially in the summer, when I have the chance to use fresh beans rather than canned. I put tomatoes generously in this dish. I prefer it thicker, but… Continue Reading →

Roasted Cabbage

8 servings This recipe is retrospection to my grandmother’s kitchen, where the vegan food was honored. I prefer cabbage as main dish. Also, it could be a suitable garnish for meat (chicken or sausages). You just need to arm yourself… Continue Reading →

Fresh Green Stew with Zucchini and Rice

8 big servings In this favorite meal of mine I use a mix of all greens. It smells of freshness and spring! It is also very light and pleasant. Products: 1.5 kg zucchini (with dark green skin, not peeled), cut… Continue Reading →

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