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September 2019


The quantity is big, for at least 8 servings; I use a deep round tray – 30 cm diam. Every Bulgarian housewife has her own recipe for moussaka. Being quite common dish on the Balkans, in the Balkan restaurants in… Continue Reading →

Peasant Stew with Potatoes

4 servings This stew is one of my favorite dishes – very simple, with the divine aromas of the peasant cuisine (savory, fresh peppers, leeks …). Products: 9 medium-sized potatoes cut into big pieces 1 leek, sliced 1 onion, cut… Continue Reading →

Mini-Banitsa* on a pan

4 pieces The way of preparation of this banitsa resembles Gözleme (but the phyllo is even thicker and often hand-made). I suggest that you use the thickest phyllo possible for excellent results. Products: 300 g phyllo sheets (8 rectangular sheets;… Continue Reading →


10 pieces I use a tray 33/25/6 cm For my taste, this is the most delicious banitsa with ready-made filo. I have prepared it many times for international events and I always manage to impress foreigners. The recipe is from… Continue Reading →

Buchtichki (Fried Dough Mini-Balls)

17 pieces A very easy recipe for fluffy fried balls – perfect for breakfast and not only. I serve them with cheese or marmalade/honey. My advice is to choose a deep frying pan in which to pour a large amount… Continue Reading →

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