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Fig Bundles

With this recipe, you may feel free to use as much of each product as you want, depending on your taste. The main idea is to combine fruit with cheese and smoked first-class ham/bacon on a green leafy base. Do… Continue Reading →

Kyopolou (Roasted Eggplant Spread)

4 servings I love aubergines in all variations. The aroma of roasted peppers brings me back to the childhood when I prepared the winter pickles with my grandmother in the autumn. All of our neighbors prepared lyutenitsa*. These divine fragrances… Continue Reading →

Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes Salad

for 2 hungry people This salad is easy, a type of kyopolou*. The base of it is roasted eggplant with its characteristic smoky taste, which I love very much. Products: 3 eggplants, medium-sized 4 tomatoes, medium-sized 1/2 garlic head, minced… Continue Reading →

Fried Eggplant and Garlic Salad

a dish for 2 hungry/or garnish for 4 persons This salad is my very favorite. I have the recipe from my mother-in-law. She prepares it in large quantities, and then puts it in jars (pickles). I prefer it freshly cooked… Continue Reading →


4 servings Tarator* is the most preferred cold soup in Bulgaria – very fresh and cooling, especially in the summer. For foreigners, it is quite unusual – some people dislike it after the first spoon, others fall in love with… Continue Reading →

Celery, Carrot and Green Peppers Appetizer

This recipe is an improvisation and I got a great vegetable pâté – very fresh, quick to prepare, perfect for slices of bread, as garnish … use it like any other type of pesto. Products: 265 g celery hearts –… Continue Reading →

Walnut and Garlic Pesto

This is the well-known appetizer, which we traditionally prepare for Christmas Eve. We like it so much that we could eat it all the year round as pesto. Products: ½ small garlic head (or to taste) 2 cups walnuts 1… Continue Reading →

Pesto with Basil and Cedar Nuts

I prefer its vegan version, however, you can add variety of aromatic cheese, if you like. The taste is classic – it is a perfect match for a slice of bread, on tomatoes, cheese or simply as a side dish… Continue Reading →

Roasted Peppers Pesto

Like all kinds of pesto – tasty, spicy and easy. You only need blender/chopper and no more than 5 minutes to make this appetizing snack. Products you need: 4 large roasted red peppers (I use marinated in a jar, should… Continue Reading →

Homemade Liver Pâté

the dose is for a large band My trip to Estonia was fabulous. Of course, we went around the cozy restaurants in the Old Town of Tallinn. Estonians love black bread (a type of whole grain bread). So many types… Continue Reading →

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