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Fig Bundles

With this recipe, you may feel free to use as much of each product as you want, depending on your taste. The main idea is to combine fruit with cheese and smoked first-class ham/bacon on a green leafy base. Do… Continue Reading →

Kremena Cake

I use a rectangular ceramic/glass tray, 28/18 cm After a few attempts, I managed to find out my ideal proportions and this cake has become a favorite for everyone in the family. No baking. It is also very quick if… Continue Reading →

Peppers with Eggs and Cottage Cheese Stuffing

12 pieces Very appetizing summer recipe with a typical Mediterranean flavor. Replace the cottage cheese with Feta (or another kind of hard white cheese) if you have at hand. Do not miss the dill to make your meal fresh and… Continue Reading →

Plum Cake

I use a round deep tray, 30 cm diam. This is the cake my mother most often prepares – a typical German aromatic dessert. Fast, easy, delicious, satiating … a big quantity that disappears quickly. Products: 4 eggs 1 ½… Continue Reading →

Coconut Mini-Cakes

42 pieces bake in mini muffin molds (chocolate candy size) The Little Swedish Kitchen (Rachel Khoo) – this is the book in which I found the lovely coconut mini-cakes. Honestly, I have not followed the recipe strictly. I did it… Continue Reading →

Kyopolou (Roasted Eggplant Spread)

4 servings I love aubergines in all variations. The aroma of roasted peppers brings me back to the childhood when I prepared the winter pickles with my grandmother in the autumn. All of our neighbors prepared lyutenitsa*. These divine fragrances… Continue Reading →

Cocoa Cream

6 servings Wonderful cream – pleasantly combines the taste of chocolate and orange. This is one of the first recipes I prepared as a child. It cannot hinder you in any way. The result is satisfying! Products: 1 l fresh… Continue Reading →

Roasted Peppers with Tomato Sauce

3-4 servings Very light and delicious recipe for the summer season, which I prefer as a main dish. It could also be served as a salad/garnish. Products: 1 kg roasted red peppers, peeled (the weight is after they are baked… Continue Reading →

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

These mini-cabbages are extremely delicious and easy to prepare. I have them as a main dish. You can serve them as a garnish to sausages/poultry meat or as a warm salad. In this case, no precise measures are needed. Products:… Continue Reading →

Güveç* (vegan)

6-8 servings  Here I present a classic vegan version of this traditional dish for Bulgarians. My grandmother always added okra and eggplant – it’s great if you have these vegetables. If you prefer it with meat – no problem to… Continue Reading →

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