I offer you a swanky way to serve ordinary eggs. The recipe is for 1 serving – you will multiply it as much as you need.

Products for 1 serving of poached eggs:

2 -3 eggs

To each egg, you need:

2 pinches of spring onion (I only use the green sprouts – very finely chopped)

a pinch of salt

wild onion (chives) – optionally, finely chopped and a few sprouts I use for decoration

1 pinch of chopped hot paprika in olive oil (I buy it as a ready condiment)

For each serving:

5-6 tbsps. thick (high-fat) Greek yogurt

2 cloves of garlic, minced

salt to taste

For frying per each serving:

2-3 tbsps. butter + 2 pinches smoked red paprika


Mix the yoghurt with garlic and put it in a dish (as a canapé).

Place an unfolded nylon foil over the opening of a small bowl (for cream) so that it sticks out of the bowl on all sides (see the photo).

In the center of the foil, sprinkle with fresh onion, crack 1 egg, season with coarse paprika in olive oil and salt, sprinkle with wild onion.

Bond tightly the foil with all its contents – on a bundle. I use a strong household string. I seek that the yolk stays whole.

Put the bundle in a pot with boiling water for 6 minutes. You can prepare and boil many bundles at the same time.

I take out the bundles, unpack them and place 2-3 of them on the yoghurt canapé. Put some salt.

In a pan, fry the butter shortly and add the paprika (takes seconds, do not burn it). 

I pour this mixture on the eggs. The warm flavored butter matches perfectly with eggs, and yogurt lightens the flavor. 


Instead of poaching, you can fry eggs in the ordinary way, put them on the same yoghurt canapé, and pour over the fried butter and paprika.

You can replace the wild onion with parsley or dill.

Sprinkle on the ready dish and get a rich and fresh taste at the same time.