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Larded Leg of Lamb (and potatoes with asafoetida)

Prepared this way, lamb’s meat tastes divine even for people who firmly claim they do not like it. It becomes juicy, separates very easily from the bone, melting in the mouth … with a scent of rosemary. All kinds of… Continue Reading →

Veal with Wine Sauce (with celeriac and potato purée)

4 servings The idea of celeriac and potato purée is linked to my “Veal, Celeriac and Potato Soup” recipe. I use the same products – the method is different. The meat is cooked separately – it becomes very tender and… Continue Reading →

Duck Breast with Beer and Raisins

3 servings I have adapted the recipe from the book “The Silver Spoon” (PHAIDON) – which appears to be the Bible of the Italian cuisine. This is a very aromatic, tasty and an unconventional meal in a way – my… Continue Reading →

Lamb Kebabs

11 mini-kebab pieces Lamb kebabs are made extremely fast and easy. Delicious, aromatic, satiating. They are suitable as a spring dish/appetizer for the Easter feasts. Products: 500 g lamb mince 1 small head of garlic, minced sunflower oil for baking… Continue Reading →

Easter Roll Cake (with two types of filling)

5 rolls: 2 with cinnamon filling + 3 with jam and walnut filling I use deep, aluminum, rectangular disposable trays – 21/9 cm There is nothing cozier than a warm kitchen smelling of kozunak*, marmalade and lemons … I always… Continue Reading →

Lamb Stew with Artichokes and Olives

5 servings I found this interesting recipe in the book The Country Cooking of Italy (Colman Andrews). I have slightly adapted it in my own way, offering you a quick option – easily to prepare for every home cook. The… Continue Reading →

Larded Veal/Beef (and Classic Green Salad)

6 servings Many people tell me they do not like veal, because it’s lean, tough, dry … it’s difficult to prepare … Here I want to prove that by following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Kozunak/Easter Bread (with cocoa and walnuts filling)

the dose is for 2 pieces of kozunak* (I use a deep round cake mold with 23 cm diameter + 1 rectangular deep baking tray, 23/11cm) This recipe is very successful. I adapted it from my mother’s (adding filling). With… Continue Reading →

Italian Bread with Dried Tomatoes and Basil

I use deep rectangular bread loaf pan 23/11cm I am very grateful to the Chef Ivelina Ivanova for this absolutely fantastic recipe, for the inspiration she gave me and I still have! I attended her classes in Italian cuisine. The… Continue Reading →

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