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Salty Croissants

29 pieces This is an easy and quick recipe for croissants with yellow cheese (Kashkaval). Every housewife from my mother’s generation has some experience with these fluffy pastry. If you do not have time to roll out, just shape balls… Continue Reading →

Bread Buns with Cheese and Samardala

12 pieces The idea of these bread buns I saw in Didi`s Kitchen culinary channel. There are always wonderful and easy recipes there. I further developed this recipe by adding the samarada – it was a very good shot! You… Continue Reading →

Salty Muffins with Frankfurter Sausages and Grana Padano

10 pieces This is among the easiest recipes for salty cakes – appetizing, rich in content suitable for breakfast as well as for afternoon tea. The best thing is that you can freely improvise with ingredients. Products: 300 g flour,… Continue Reading →

Nordic Cheddar Bread

I use a cake mold, 23 cm diameter Very delicious non-traditional bread, with a spectacular look. Once again, I trust a recipe from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann), which is so successful that I almost entirely stick to the… Continue Reading →


I use 1 round tray/30 cm + 1 rectangular tray 24/38 cm Focaccia is a type of flat bread with topped vegetables and a mix of Mediterranean spices. I adapted an idea from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann). The… Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Mini Breads

9-10 pieces During the summer, I attended a cooking class with Chef Ivelina Ivanova, who welcomed us early in the morning with these fragrant bread rolls. I recently found my notes on the recipe and share them immediately. Ivelina is… Continue Reading →

Italian Bread with Dried Tomatoes and Basil

I use deep rectangular bread loaf pan 23/11cm I am very grateful to the Chef Ivelina Ivanova for this absolutely fantastic recipe, for the inspiration she gave me and I still have! I attended her classes in Italian cuisine. The… Continue Reading →


I use a round, deep, 30 cm/diam baking tray This tutmanik is absolutely divine – soft, fluffy … and fills the house with an authentic scent of freshly baked bread. The recipe I learned from my mother-in-law who often prepares… Continue Reading →

Pierogi with Onion and Egg Filling

7-8 pieces, 15 cm Pierogi are dumplings with rich filling – sweet or salty, they can be baked or fried … Russian cuisine abounds with delicious recipes of pierogi. Watching Russian culinary channels, I adapted the interesting ideas for me… Continue Reading →

Pogacha* (Festive Bread)

a symbol of our family tradition I use a round tray, 30 cm diam My dear husband is the Master Chef of this pogacha. Pogacha is his most attractive baking. Years ago (while we were at the university), we found… Continue Reading →

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