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This is an easy and quick recipe for croissants with yellow cheese (Kashkaval). Every housewife from my mother’s generation has some experience with these fluffy pastry. If you do not have time to roll out, just shape balls and bake them.


for the dough:

250 g butter, soft

200 g Feta cheese (hard, grated)

200 g yellow cheese, grated (Kashkaval)

4 tbsps fresh milk

1 cup Greek yoghurt

1 tsp soda

3 cups flour

for the decoration:

poppy seed, for sprinkling

1-2 egg yolks, for spreading


I knead soft dough from all the products (except egg yolks and poppy seed).

Divide it into balls (in a size suitable for rolling out). I wrap them in a nylon foil and leave them in the fridge to tighten (at least for 1-2 hours, or in the freezer for a shorter time).

After well chilled, roll out each ball with a rolling pin. The phyllo sheet should be 0.5 cm thick. I cut out equilateral triangles. I start rolling every triangle into a roll from the base to the top. I get a croissant (see the picture).

Put them at a distance from each other in a baking tray on a previously greased baking paper.

Spread them with yolk, sprinkle with poppy seed. Bake about 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 200ᴼC. The baking time is quite indicative. I check them constantly. The croissants should become brownish. At your discretion, the temperature may be reduced during baking.