4 pieces

The way of preparation of this banitsa resembles Gözleme (but the phyllo is even thicker and often hand-made). I suggest that you use the thickest phyllo possible for excellent results.


300 g phyllo sheets (8 rectangular sheets; the thicker, the better)

butter (for spraying the phyllo, the quantity is to taste; I estimate approximately 4-5 tbsps for 1 mini-banitsa);

250 g Feta cheese (hard, mashed)

sparkling water (for spraying the sheets)

sunflower oil for frying

Greek yoghurt for serving (optional)


Spread one phyllo sheet and sprinkle it with butter. I cover it with a second one. Sprinkle the second phyllo sheet with the mashed cheese, a little butter and sparkling water. I fold the two sheets together:

  • first lengthwise (both sides meet without overlapping);
  • then crosswise (overlapping, sticking all the edges with butter) – the purpose is to get a closed sachet, and the stuffing does not leak out (I have shown the folding in the photos);

Fry on both sides in a frying pan with a little fat.

I pay attention when turning up, since mini-banitsa is very thin and easy to be torn. I use a wide wooden spatula.

After taking it out of the pan, sprinkle the surface with some sparkling water. I fold it in two and serve with Greek yogurt (optional).