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Rosemary and Pine Nuts Muffins

11 pieces These vegan muffins are rich in many different savours. If you like an intense nut flavor, you will love it! I adapted the recipe from Unconventional Baker. I’ve changed some ingredients to my taste. Products: ½ cup white… Continue Reading →

Halva (Persian)

Here I use a recipe from the Facebook page From the kitchen of Persia. Sometimes on the pieces of halva, I add some coarse salt. Although this combination does not seem quite acceptable, I assure you that it is extremely… Continue Reading →

Pralines with Dried Prunes

16 pieces The combination of dried prunes and walnuts is not unusual. I have tried it as a filling in buns in a favorite patisserie in Sofia. The pralines I present are extremely easy and impressive if you have to… Continue Reading →

Vegan Chocolate Candies

24 pieces My suggestion here is dense candies with intense cocoa flavor. I found this recipe in the YouTube channel Vegantina Recipes. The first time I decided to double the dose. The result was a complete failure. The mixture in… Continue Reading →


I use 1 round tray/30 cm + 1 rectangular tray 24/38 cm Focaccia is a type of flat bread with topped vegetables and a mix of Mediterranean spices. I adapted an idea from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann). The… Continue Reading →

Orient Express Mini-Cakes

I use a muffin tray (12 pcs) + 1 mini round cake mold, 17 cm diam. This is an adapted recipe from the Unconventional Baker. I have changed some products so that the cake fits my taste. I call it… Continue Reading →

Strudel (and Tikvenik – Bundevara*)

I use a 24 cm round tray Tikvenik is one of my favorite winter desserts. Here I will present two versions of this pumpkin pie: with apple filling – strudel; and with pumpkin filling. I use ready-made phyllo, although if… Continue Reading →

Peanut Mini-Tarts (Snickers)

10 pieces These tarts have turned to be my favorite recipe. I was inspired by Simona Nikolova`s idea (from the Facebook Group: Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine; the original name is: Вегетарианска и веганска кухня). As usual, I have changed some… Continue Reading →


30 small pieces of baklava An excellent juicy, very sweet dessert that is traditionally prepared in the Balkans (but not only). The recipe is very easy. You will not have to spend hours in the kitchen. It can be completely… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie with Pecans

I use a cake mold, 23 cm diam. Pumpkin pies are quite popular in English-speaking countries. This one especially is truly fantastic! I almost followed the original recipe. It is important to mention that you should not miss sprinkling the… Continue Reading →

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