24 pieces

My suggestion here is dense candies with intense cocoa flavor. I found this recipe in the YouTube channel Vegantina Recipes.

The first time I decided to double the dose. The result was a complete failure. The mixture in the blender became on different layers. There was sticky dough on the bottom and an oily layer on the surface. I asked vegans for advice and realized that the reasons for the failure were several. First of all, I put some more nuts than needed; secondly – the oils were much warmer than the other products… and so… The next time I kept the measurements of the products very strictly and the tempering tips. The result was excellent!


40 g of coconut oil (melted in a water bath)

40 g of cocoa butter (melted in a water bath)

40 g of liquid honey

40 g of carob

3 tsp. cashew, whole nuts

1 tsp. cocoa, natural

a pinch of salt


Mix everything in a blender/chopper until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Put the mixture in silicone candy molds.

Put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.