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November 2018

Cod Fish with Asparagus and Horseradish

2 servings Cod fish is found almost everywhere. It is delicious and is prepared quickly. I offer you a classical side dish to it with asparagus and a pinch of horseradish for more spiciness and aroma. Products you need to… Continue Reading →

Jamón and Goat Cheesе Roll

I use a flat rectangular tray, laying the roll on diagonal (45 cm) While looking for recipes for some more interesting bakery, I came across an idea from Spanish cuisine. I developed it in my own way. The roll that… Continue Reading →

Bean Balls with Cauliflower Puree

20 pieces The balls are incredibly delicious. The recipe takes time, but it is worth every single minute. Again, Rachel Khoo is the one who inspired me (The Little Swedish Kitchen). I use some different spices than those in the… Continue Reading →

Beetroot Balls

12 pieces This is a nice vegan recipe. I use the idea of ​​Rachel Khoo (The Little Swedish Kitchen). The fried eggs in the picture are for that part of the family that is not satisfied with vegan food. They… Continue Reading →

Wild Salmon with Pea Pesto

4 servings I am often asked which the most suitable fish garnish is. I always try to make the sea food I prepare to taste differently. There are so many options for garnish that I wonder why fish is mainly… Continue Reading →

Roasted Sauerkraut with Leek and Olives

10 servings My friends have fun with me, because wherever I go, I always manage to find sour cabbage (sauerkraut). I can eat only this kind of cabbage, prepared in all versions and I always cook it in huge quantities…. Continue Reading →

Corn Cheese Cakes (kachamacheta)

22 muffins This is a recipe from the Balkans. I know it through my sister, who is quite familiar with the Serbian cuisine. Very easy to prepare. Kachamachetata (the cakes) are very delicious and satiating. Suitable for breakfast or instead… Continue Reading →

Tripe Soup

8 servings A cult soup for the peoples of the Balkans. Simple and rich in taste at the same time. It’s very spicy. I’m introducing an extremely easy way to cook it. No culinary skills are required, but only patience…. Continue Reading →

Roasted Cauliflower and Cheese Cream Soup

6-8 servings The soup is unusual, because I generously use spice, which is traditionally used for meat. I like the density as a result as well as the spicy taste. I prefer the vegan variant of the soup. For those… Continue Reading →

Bean Stew

10 servings The simplest dish it was, some say… It is, indeed, but not quite. For excellent results, one should have a suitable and rich set of pot-herbs! Products you need: 1 kg of butter beans 1 big-sized onion 1… Continue Reading →

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