2 servings

Cod fish is found almost everywhere. It is delicious and is prepared quickly. I offer you a classical side dish to it with asparagus and a pinch of horseradish for more spiciness and aroma.

Products you need to prepare the fish:

400 g cod fish (4 fillets)

olive oil to taste (for seasoning the fish while baking)

salt to taste

mix of crushed peppers to taste

lemon juice to taste (when served)

Products you need to prepare the garnish:

250 g of asparagus

2 tbsp. of olive oil

butter to taste (perfect match)

2 tbsp. of coconut cream (or other oil, optional, the amount is also optional)

a root of horseradish to taste, grated

salt to taste

mix of crushed peppers to taste


I season the fish with salt and peppers, bake it with some olive oil in a preheated oven at 180-200ᴼC. It does not take much time.

Cut asparagus 1 cm off the base (throw this part out).

Stew them with 2 tbsp. of oil and some water.

When almost ready, add the butter, season with pepper and salt. Fry them for a few more minutes to absorb most of the sauce.

Remove from the hob; add the coconut cream and the grated horseradish.

Arrange the fish with asparagus. I top them with the sauce, in which the vegetables were cooked. Season with lemon juice.

Alternately, sprinkle with more grated horseradish.