10 servings

My friends have fun with me, because wherever I go, I always manage to find sour cabbage (sauerkraut). I can eat only this kind of cabbage, prepared in all versions and I always cook it in huge quantities. The recipe requires patience, baking is slow, but it’s worth it.

Products you need:

2.5 kg of sauerkraut (well rinsed, usually, it is very salty)

2 large stalks of leeks

2 tbsp. of savory

2 pieces of dried sweet red peppers, chopped (could be more)

black pepper to taste

sunflower oil to taste (the more, the better, the cabbage likes it)

1 cups of rice (Basmati)

160 g of black olives, pitted (unsalted)

Sometimes i do not add olives. It is still great!


Place the finely chopped cabbage and the leek in a tray. Add savory, black pepper and sunflower oil. Pour water to cover 2/3 of the volume. Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC for 90 minutes. Stir periodically.

Then I add the rice, olives and some extra water (to cover the contents and a little above, the rice will absorb some of the water, so if needed, add more during baking). Bake for another 30 minutes, stirring frequently.  

5 minutes before it is ready, add the dried peppers.