22 muffins

This is a recipe from the Balkans. I know it through my sister, who is quite familiar with the Serbian cuisine. Very easy to prepare. Kachamachetata (the cakes) are very delicious and satiating. Suitable for breakfast or instead of bread.

Products you need:

3 eggs

2 cups of sunflower oil

2 cups of sparkling water

1 cup of fresh milk

3 cups of flour (sifted)

3 cups of corn flour

275 g of Feta cheese, mashed (maybe more)


I mix all the products (finally add the cheese); then I fill the greased muffin molds.

Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC. 10 minutes after start of the baking, I lower the temperature to 180ᴼC. Bake until they turn reddish, but I always suggest you check with a wooden skewer if they are ready. If your cheese is softer and watery, baking will take longer.