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March 2019

Larded Veal/Beef (and Classic Green Salad)

6 servings Many people tell me they do not like veal, because it’s lean, tough, dry … it’s difficult to prepare … Here I want to prove that by following a few simple steps, you will be able to enjoy… Continue Reading →

Kozunak/Easter Bread (with cocoa and walnuts filling)

the dose is for 2 pieces of kozunak* (I use a deep round cake mold with 23 cm diameter + 1 rectangular deep baking tray, 23/11cm) This recipe is very successful. I adapted it from my mother’s (adding filling). With… Continue Reading →

Duck Meat with Almonds and Figs

3-4 servings The idea for this recipe comes from the so-called Italian Culinary Bible, “The Silver Spoon” (PHAIDON). The combination of products is unusual and odd for my Balkan soul, but eventually the meal is more than magnificent! Products: 3… Continue Reading →

Italian Bread with Dried Tomatoes and Basil

I use deep rectangular bread loaf pan 23/11cm I am very grateful to the Chef Ivelina Ivanova for this absolutely fantastic recipe, for the inspiration she gave me and I still have! I attended her classes in Italian cuisine. The… Continue Reading →


16 pieces Éclair is a magical dessert. A long time had passed before I dared to prepare it because I had heard that it was very time-consuming. Patience is needed, but it is not complicated at all and it is… Continue Reading →

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