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My trip to Estonia was fabulous. Of course, we went around the cozy restaurants in the Old Town of Tallinn. Estonians love black bread (a type of whole grain bread). So many types I have not seen anywhere else. The most delicious thing that can be spread on a slice of rye bread is homemade pâté. I’m very proud of my recipe. It is inspired by the book Estonian cuisine (Traditional and modern recipes). I have changed some things and achieved a uniquely good result.


1 kg of pork liver

1 cup of dried mushrooms

1 big onion

½ garlic head

dried rosemary to taste (the more, the better)

1 tbsp. of salt

1 and ½ teaspoon of ground green pepper

3 tbsp. of vinegar

sunflower oil to taste (for frying)


Soak the mushrooms in warm water for a few minutes (until they soften).

Chop the liver into small pieces.

Fry it well while constantly stirring. Initially, it releases some water and the process is more like stewing.

Once it’s ready, pour it into a blender/chopper (add the fat as well). Blend it until you get a homogeneous mixture. I put the contents into a large bowl, suitable for stirring.

In the pot, in which I had fried the liver, fry the finely chopped onion. Add the dried mushrooms. I constantly stir. It takes a minute or two for the mushrooms. Pour the ready content into the blender. Add garlic and spices. Blend it. I add this mixture to the first one (in the big bowl).

Add vinegar. Stir well.


Always buy premium quality liver. Optionally, you can use chicken liver.

When blending, if the texture of the mix is too thick, add a little of the water in which the mushrooms were soaked.

The ready pâté is kept in a refrigerator in a closed container for not more than 2 days.