Like all kinds of pesto – tasty, spicy and easy. You only need blender/chopper and no more than 5 minutes to make this appetizing snack.

Products you need:

4 large roasted red peppers (I use marinated in a jar, should be well drained)

1 jar of dried tomatoes with capers in olive oil (285 g is the whole content)

1/2 garlic head (peeled, on cloves)

12 green olives, pitted

2 pinches of dried mix of Greek spices (or only marjoram (oregano), thyme, etc., optional)

1/3 cup of raw walnut

1/3 cup of raw cashew


Blend all products in a blender/chopper to get a smooth, homogeneous mixture.

A tip:

I do not add any salt, because olives, capers and pickled peppers are quite salty.