This recipe is an improvisation and I got a great vegetable pâté – very fresh, quick to prepare, perfect for slices of bread, as garnish … use it like any other type of pesto.


265 g celery hearts – I use canned; the weight is for the drained content. I guess you can use raw stalks (I still have not used).

1 handful of raw almonds

2 tbsps pine nuts

1 carrot

2 medium-sized green peppers (Sivri, could be chilly)

140 g dried red tomatoes, marinated in olive oil (drained)

vinegar to taste

1 small garlic head

olive oil to taste (from a jar with dried tomatoes) – this is optional

I do not put any salt, because the celery stalks (hearts) I buy are salted. If you use raw – add salt to taste.


All ingredients are blended in a blender/chopper to a homogeneous mixture.