3-4 servings

Very light and delicious recipe for the summer season, which I prefer as a main dish. It could also be served as a salad/garnish.


1 kg roasted red peppers, peeled (the weight is after they are baked and cleaned);

400 g peeled tomatoes in cubes (canned)

500 g tomato puree

sunflower oil to taste (for frying the peppers)

black pepper to taste

red paprika (smoked) to taste

salt to taste (if you use canned tomatoes and peppers – note that they probably contain salt);

3 pcs bay leaf

1 small garlic head, minced

chopped parsley to taste


In a tray, I fry well the peppers (in the oven). Add the paprika. The aroma is superb! Paprika should not burn; it takes only a few seconds while stirring.

It is now turn to put the tomatoes (most often I use fresh tomatoes puree or canned). Season with other spices and garlic. I cook for not more than 15 minutes or until thickening. Periodically stir. At the end, I add parsley and the dish is ready!