These mini-cabbages are extremely delicious and easy to prepare. I have them as a main dish. You can serve them as a garnish to sausages/poultry meat or as a warm salad. In this case, no precise measures are needed.


1 kg Brussels sprouts 

sunflower oil/olive oil to taste

salt to taste

black pepper to taste (optional)

dry spearmint to taste

Balsamic vinegar to taste


The cleaned sprouts I arrange in a tray (whole or cut into halves if they are bigger).

Add some oil and some water (to cover the bottom of the tray).

Season with salt, pepper and spearmint.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200ᴼC. Periodically, I turn them to roast on all sides.

After taking them off the oven, sprinkle with Balsamic vinegar.