8-10 serving bowls

This cream has been my favorite for years since my childhood. It is very easy. The secret of excellent taste is in the butter, the egg whites and the vanilla (I put plenty of it).


6 cups fresh milk

1 cup sugar

vanilla to taste (more is better)

1 cup semolina wheat

2 egg whites

butter to taste, unsalted (I put as much as 2 big pats)


Warm the milk and sugar in a saucepan (sugar should dissolve completely). Shortly before boiling, I start pouring the semolina into a thin stream and constantly stir (it only takes seconds, it thickens quickly). The hob is at the lowest temperature.

Take it off the hob (the consistency of the mixture is mushy, keep in mind that it will get thicker when cooled). Add vanilla and butter. I stir that they dissolve completely.

Finally, with constant stirring, add the foam-beaten egg whites (pour them in small portions, making sure they do not curdle).

Serve the cream in small bowls (chilled).