4 big servings

I suggest you a way to prepare lentils in a non-traditional way. To get a really fantastic dish, spices are very important as well as the consistency.

Products you need:

1 big onion

1 large carrot (grated)

220 g of vine leaves, well drained (I use marinated from a jar);

480 g of lentils, well drained (I use tinned, see the picture) – of course, you can use raw and cook it in advance but it takes more time;

3 tbsp. of lentil mix (a special mix of dried ingredients, found in spice shops);

1 tbsp. of salt

black pepper to taste

3 pinches of chopped dried red peppers

½ head of garlic – cloves (blended)

sunflower oil (for frying)


Fry well the finely chopped onion and the carrots.

Add the finely chopped vine leaves and stew them until they soften.

Add the lentils and warm water (to cover the contents of the saucepan and a little above).

Add spices (salt, black pepper and lentils mix).

It boils for 10 minutes on low temperature.

 Before removing from the hob, I add the garlic and the dried peppers. Stir and leave on the hob for seconds to blend fragrances.