8 servings

This is my first turnip soup. So far I have only used it in salads. The vast abundance of different types of turnips on the market provoked my curiosity. The result is a fantastic warm meal – great for cold winter evenings.

Products you need:

10 small potatoes with the skin (with a soft skin, since I will not peel them);

1 medium-sized celery root

1 stalk of leek, medium-sized

1/2 turnip bulb, large (see photo or whatever type you like);

2 carrots

sunflower oil to taste

horseradish bulb to taste (sold on big bulbs, I use 1/3 or 1/4);

1 teaspoon cumin

1 tbsp. salt

black pepper to taste


Leave potatoes with the skin. I remove the green leaves of the leek. Take off the peels of celery and the turnip.

Rinse all vegetables and root vegetables, clean them and cut them into large pieces.

Put them in a saucepan. Pour water to cover the contents.

Add the salt and the spices.

It boils for 30 min.

Remove from the hob, add sunflower oil to taste and blend.

Serve the soup with splashes of olive oil and cumin. I prefer to sprinkle it with grated horseradish.


The horseradish has a specific taste. First try it to see whether you will like it. It is wonderfully combined with the turnip. Grate just before serving because it quickly loses its taste and its hotness.

When the recipe allows, I add the oil at the end so that I do not heat it.