4 servings

I like simple recipes like this, with minimum products – maximum result! I prefer it in its vegan version. If you love oily food and do not follow vegan style of eating, just before the meal is ready, make a standard classic top layer (Moussaka recipe) and sprinkle a large amount of yellow cheese (Kashkaval).


1 large piece of leek stem cut into thin slices (sometimes I add 1 bundle of spring onion);

1 cup Basmati rice

750 g spinach (frozen) – when possible, I prefer to use fresh (then I increase the quantity at my discretion);

1 tbsp salt

black pepper to taste (matches perfectly)

sunflower oil to taste (for frying the leek)

lemon juice (or citric acid to taste)


In a tray, I fry the leek (in the oven).

When it’s almost ready, I add rice and 3-4 cups water (depending on the type of rice you use).

Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200ᴼC in a preheated oven. Then season with salt and black pepper. Add spinach and bake for another 15 minutes (again depends on spinach, should soften and slightly darken). If necessary, add some extra water. When it cools, it thickens even more (keep in mind).

After I take the dish out of the oven, season it with lemon juice.