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Orient Express Mini-Cakes

I use a muffin tray (12 pcs) + 1 mini round cake mold, 17 cm diam. This is an adapted recipe from the Unconventional Baker. I have changed some products so that the cake fits my taste. I call it… Continue Reading →

Dried Red Peppers Stuffed with Rice

18 big-sized peppers It is a traditional winter dish for the Bulgarians. Very appetizing, satiating and suitable for fasting periods. Products: 18 pcs. dried red peppers (bigger) 2 cups Basmati rice 1 cup water 2 large leeks stalks, chopped (might… Continue Reading →

Walnut and Garlic Pesto

This is the well-known appetizer, which we traditionally prepare for Christmas Eve. We like it so much that we could eat it all the year round as pesto. Products: ½ small garlic head (or to taste) 2 cups walnuts 1… Continue Reading →

Strudel (and Tikvenik – Bundevara*)

I use a 24 cm round tray Tikvenik is one of my favorite winter desserts. Here I will present two versions of this pumpkin pie: with apple filling – strudel; and with pumpkin filling. I use ready-made phyllo, although if… Continue Reading →

Parsnip, Apples and Asparagus Cream Soup

at least 6 huge servings Honestly, this combination of products was an experiment I made. The result is just fantastic! Dense taste with pleasant acidic notes and a lot of asparagus freshness. Easy and fast. Products: 1 kg parsnips 2… Continue Reading →

Stuffed Dried Peppers (with Mushrooms, Walnuts and Bulgur)

18 pieces Products: 18 pcs. dried sweet red peppers 80 g dried mushrooms 2 sprigs leeks 1 onion 200 g coarsely crushed walnuts ½ cup bulgur 140 g dried tomatoes in olive oil (I buy them ready; this is the… Continue Reading →

Pesto with Basil and Cedar Nuts

I prefer its vegan version, however, you can add variety of aromatic cheese, if you like. The taste is classic – it is a perfect match for a slice of bread, on tomatoes, cheese or simply as a side dish… Continue Reading →

Peanut Mini-Tarts (Snickers)

10 pieces These tarts have turned to be my favorite recipe. I was inspired by Simona Nikolova`s idea (from the Facebook Group: Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine; the original name is: Вегетарианска и веганска кухня). As usual, I have changed some… Continue Reading →

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls (Sarma)*/Vegan

11 pieces of big cabbage rolls + 3 pieces of dried red peppers This is my favorite dish for Christmas Eve. You can also fill the dried red peppers with the same stuffing. It is delightful. Bake them in the… Continue Reading →


30 small pieces of baklava An excellent juicy, very sweet dessert that is traditionally prepared in the Balkans (but not only). The recipe is very easy. You will not have to spend hours in the kitchen. It can be completely… Continue Reading →

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