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Fresh Green Stew with Zucchini and Rice

8 big servings In this favorite meal of mine I use a mix of all greens. It smells of freshness and spring! It is also very light and pleasant. Products: 1.5 kg zucchini (with dark green skin, not peeled), cut… Continue Reading →

Celery, Carrot and Green Peppers Appetizer

This recipe is an improvisation and I got a great vegetable pâté – very fresh, quick to prepare, perfect for slices of bread, as garnish … use it like any other type of pesto. Products: 265 g celery hearts –… Continue Reading →

Halva (Persian)

Here I use a recipe from the Facebook page From the kitchen of Persia. Sometimes on the pieces of halva, I add some coarse salt. Although this combination does not seem quite acceptable, I assure you that it is extremely… Continue Reading →

Pralines with Dried Prunes

16 pieces The combination of dried prunes and walnuts is not unusual. I have tried it as a filling in buns in a favorite patisserie in Sofia. The pralines I present are extremely easy and impressive if you have to… Continue Reading →

Vegan Chocolate Candies

24 pieces My suggestion here is dense candies with intense cocoa flavor. I found this recipe in the YouTube channel Vegantina Recipes. The first time I decided to double the dose. The result was a complete failure. The mixture in… Continue Reading →

Thick Mushroom Soup

6 servings Here I suggest a vegan version, yet if you want, you can replace the vegetable oil and coconut cream with dairy products. Dill in abundance is highly recommended. You can use a mix of different mushrooms for an… Continue Reading →


I use 1 round tray/30 cm + 1 rectangular tray 24/38 cm Focaccia is a type of flat bread with topped vegetables and a mix of Mediterranean spices. I adapted an idea from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann). The… Continue Reading →

Roasted Broccoli and Almonds Cream Soup

6 servings If you count calories, do not worry! This soup is made of low-calorie products. Wonderful both in its vegan version as well as with cheese. It’s easy and I would say healthy, if we do not overdo with… Continue Reading →

Black Rice with Aromatic Mushrooms

4 servings This dish is cooked of a few basic products, but pay attention to spices – they give it a specific taste. Preparing black rice takes longer than white, keep it in mind. If you do not have this… Continue Reading →

Baked Spinach with Rice

4 servings I like simple recipes like this, with minimum products – maximum result! I prefer it in its vegan version. If you love oily food and do not follow vegan style of eating, just before the meal is ready,… Continue Reading →

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