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30 small pieces of baklava An excellent juicy, very sweet dessert that is traditionally prepared in the Balkans (but not only). The recipe is very easy. You will not have to spend hours in the kitchen. It can be completely… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin Pie with Pecans

I use a cake mold, 23 cm diam. Pumpkin pies are quite popular in English-speaking countries. This one especially is truly fantastic! I almost followed the original recipe. It is important to mention that you should not miss sprinkling the… Continue Reading →

Chocolate Mini Cakes (Brownies)

19 pieces If you like really dense chocolate with citrus scent – this is your dessert! At home, we call it Devil pastry because it is almost black in color and with a very rich cocoa flavor. This recipe also… Continue Reading →

Tiramisu ‘Giulia’

6 servings I named this tiramisu after my dear friend, lovely Giulia, from Modena, who gave me the recipe. The first time was a failure. Mascarpone I used was not a good quality. I also mixed it with a mixer… Continue Reading →

Small Quince and Almond Pies

4 pieces I use single round pie mold with a diameter of 8 cm bottom; 11 cm top edge I bought irresistibly fragrant quinces and started thinking how to prepare them in a new and interesting way. As a result,… Continue Reading →

Cashew Cream Pasty

10 pieces, 8 cm diam. This recipe is almost classical because vegan desserts are usually based on dates and cashew cream. The way I prepared it seems interesting and I want to share it with you (with my little details)…. Continue Reading →

Semolina Halva

15 pieces (I use round baking tray, 24 cm diam.) This dessert is very popular around the Balkans. I know at least 4-5 recipes. I chose this particular one since is suitable for people who are fasting and perfectly fits… Continue Reading →

Pumpkin and Nuts Vegan Cake

I use round cake tray, 24 cm diam. In a search of a cake beyond the traditional wheaty-sugarish ones, I came across many recipes for pumpkin cakes (also suitable for pre-Christmas fasting days). I adopted everything I read in my… Continue Reading →

Nordic Cake

consider a 30-cm-diameter cake pan Winter spices are a real delight – a splendor of aromas and a characteristic spiciness. It’s not by accident that Scandinavian bakeries are among my favorites, especially on Christmas. The recipe I created thanks to… Continue Reading →

Mini Apple Cakes

25 pieces of mini-cakes (I use a standard muffin mold but with shallow circles in which I place paper baskets for baking) I’m sure every family has their recipe for an apple pie. This recipe is from my mother, with… Continue Reading →

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