6 servings

Wonderful cream – pleasantly combines the taste of chocolate and orange. This is one of the first recipes I prepared as a child. It cannot hinder you in any way. The result is satisfying!


1 l fresh milk

12 tbsps. sugar (if cocoa is bitter, as mine is)

4 tbsps. unsweetened cocoa powder

6-7 tbsps. white flour (7, if I want to be thicker)

a small pat of unsalted butter (3 cm or to taste)

orange flavor to taste

1 egg (separate the yolk from the egg white)


In 250 ml of cold milk, I stir well the flour, the yolk and the cocoa. Strain through a strainer the ready mixture.

In a saucepan, I warm the rest of the milk with sugar. Shortly before it seethes, I lower the temperature to the lowest degree and I begin to add the mixture of flour and cocoa on a thin stream. I am stirring constantly and vigorously so that the bottom does not burn. When the cream begins to thicken and bubbles start appearing on the surface, I take it off the hob.

Add the orange essence and the butter.

Finally, I add very slowly the egg white, previously whipped to foam – gradually, in small portions. I am stirring constantly and vigorously so that it does not curdle. The egg white gives the cream delicious fluffiness.

Some ideas:

If you do not feel confident, skip adding of the egg white.

Serve the cream fully chilled, sprinkled with cocoa on the oval edges of the bowls.

The cream is also suitable for cakes. It is well combined with walnut cake layers.