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May 2019

Salty Muffins with Frankfurter Sausages and Grana Padano

10 pieces This is among the easiest recipes for salty cakes – appetizing, rich in content suitable for breakfast as well as for afternoon tea. The best thing is that you can freely improvise with ingredients. Products: 300 g flour,… Continue Reading →

Nordic Cheddar Bread

I use a cake mold, 23 cm diameter Very delicious non-traditional bread, with a spectacular look. Once again, I trust a recipe from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann), which is so successful that I almost entirely stick to the… Continue Reading →

Rich Seafood Soup

6 servings This is a kind of a classic recipe. The soup is very delicious and is very easy to prepare. It is a high-calorie soup, so my advice is to have smaller portions. Use the quality seafood of your… Continue Reading →

Thick Mushroom Soup

6 servings Here I suggest a vegan version, yet if you want, you can replace the vegetable oil and coconut cream with dairy products. Dill in abundance is highly recommended. You can use a mix of different mushrooms for an… Continue Reading →


I use 1 round tray/30 cm + 1 rectangular tray 24/38 cm Focaccia is a type of flat bread with topped vegetables and a mix of Mediterranean spices. I adapted an idea from the book Scandinavian Baking (Trine Hahnemann). The… Continue Reading →

Roasted Broccoli and Almonds Cream Soup

6 servings If you count calories, do not worry! This soup is made of low-calorie products. Wonderful both in its vegan version as well as with cheese. It’s easy and I would say healthy, if we do not overdo with… Continue Reading →

Mediterranean Mini Breads

9-10 pieces During the summer, I attended a cooking class with Chef Ivelina Ivanova, who welcomed us early in the morning with these fragrant bread rolls. I recently found my notes on the recipe and share them immediately. Ivelina is… Continue Reading →

Black Rice with Aromatic Mushrooms

4 servings This dish is cooked of a few basic products, but pay attention to spices – they give it a specific taste. Preparing black rice takes longer than white, keep it in mind. If you do not have this… Continue Reading →

Baked Spinach with Rice

4 servings I like simple recipes like this, with minimum products – maximum result! I prefer it in its vegan version. If you love oily food and do not follow vegan style of eating, just before the meal is ready,… Continue Reading →

Larded Leg of Lamb (and potatoes with asafoetida)

Prepared this way, lamb’s meat tastes divine even for people who firmly claim they do not like it. It becomes juicy, separates very easily from the bone, melting in the mouth … with a scent of rosemary. All kinds of… Continue Reading →

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