80 pieces

I want to extend my gratitude for this recipe to Krassimira Ivanova (from the Facebook group “I love cooking”)! Very easy and successful, the only “flaw” is the huge number of cookies I got. But they have great shelf life and are a good idea if you are planning an event with many people. The lard sugar cookies acquire better taste qualities after staying for two or three days.


for the dough:

1 cup tea (I use linden tea, concentrated) + 1 tbsp sugar

1 cup sunflower oil

250 g lard (melted)

6 cups flour

vanilla to taste (the more is better)

for the filling:

lokum (Turkish delight) – optional, matches perfectly;

walnuts (whole nuts or halves);

powdered sugar to roll them (be ready with more, I always have a new big package to make sure I will not run out of sugar);


I knead soft dough from flour, tea, fats and vanilla.

Wrap it in a nylon foil and leave it in the fridge to tighten.

Then I tear pieces of the dough in the center of which I put a whole nut (or ½) + a piece of the lokum (0.5 to 1 cm, it depends on the size of the cookies you want to get). I make nice, smooth balls 3 cm diam. (the filling remains completely covered by the dough).

Put them in a tray, at a distance from each other on greased baking paper (they raise during baking).

Bake in a preheated oven at 180ᴼC for about 15 minutes (this is quite indicative). They should be checked until they get nice brown.

Still hot, I roll them generously allover in powdered sugar (sifted).

I recommend eating them the next day.


Just to note that the filling is optional (but I still recommend that you do not miss it to get much aromatic and taste-rich lard cookies).

I make some of the cookies without filling, others only with walnut, and others – both with lokum and walnut. That’s why I have not given the exact amount of lokum and walnuts. I leave it to your taste and preferences.