19 pieces

If you like really dense chocolate with citrus scent – this is your dessert! At home, we call it Devil pastry because it is almost black in color and with a very rich cocoa flavor. This recipe also comes from the family treasury – extremely easy, with easily available products and looks fabulous!


250 g flour, sifted

375 g sugar

125 g unsalted butter, melted

3 eggs

100 g cocoa powder, natural

1 teaspoon baking powder

250 g Greek yoghurt

5 tbsps. fresh milk

100 g candied citrus peels (orange + lemon) – optional


Mix all the products (without the citrus peels) by hand – I do not use a mixer.

After a smooth homogenous mixture is obtained, add the citrus peels and stir well.

In a muffin shape, I place 2 paper baskets in each circle/hole. I fill them with the mixture (I leave a little space from the top edge because they rise).

Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC. 10 minutes after beginning of baking, the temperature is reduced to 150ᴼC. I check with a wooden skewer whether they are ready.