This type of salads are extremely quick to prepare and very healthy. Once again I realize that the truth is in simple things. There is nothing better for our body than raw, fresh food, prepared just at the moment. Winter is full of different root vegetables. Just experiment and find the desired combination. There are no quantities specified in this recipe. No need of them. I only suggest being careful with the amount of ginger. I add 1 small root (no more, as it is specific and I prefer it only as an accent and not as a basic flavor).

Products you need:

carrots as much as you like

a head of turnip (I always prefer Swede)

a head of celery

a root of ginger (do not overdo it)

lemon juice to taste

salt to taste

olive oil to taste

nigella seeds for sprinkling


Rinse, peel and grate the roots on a large grater in a wide bowl.

Season them with lemon juice, olive oil and salt.

Sprinkle with nigella seeds.