4 servings

A favorite salad from Arabic cuisine! I have tried different versions. This recipe is from my friend Latifa. Colorful, beautiful and very fresh. If you like the scent of fresh parsley – it’s your salad.

Products you need:

7 small tomatoes (I prefer pink ones)

1 large bundle of parsley

1/2 cup of bulgur

2 small heads of red onion

1/2 garlic head

juice of 1 lemon or wine vinegar (I prefer it in this salad)

salt to taste

olive oil to taste

soumak to taste

black pepper to taste


I cook the bulgur for 6-7 minutes on a low temperature. I drain it if unabsorbed water remains after cooking.

In a large bowl, mix the sliced tomatoes (small cubes), parsley, red onion and garlic.

Add the bulgur.

Season with olive oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper and soumak.