4 pieces

I use single round pie mold with a diameter of 8 cm bottom; 11 cm top edge

I bought irresistibly fragrant quinces and started thinking how to prepare them in a new and interesting way. As a result, I invented this recipe. I received the well-deserved compliments from all the people who tried them. And for me, it was the pleasure of the sweet scent of magical autumn fruits, cinnamon, almonds, marzipan … that filled my kitchen and created a cozy feeling for Christmas, which lasted. The recipe requires patience – that’s the only shortcoming.

Products you need for the dough:

115 g unsalted butter, cut into pieces

1 and 1/2 cups of flour

2 eggs

3 tbsp. of powdered sugar, until it heaps above the rim

vanilla to taste

Products you need for the decoration:

1 egg for spread

4 pinches of sugar and 4 pinches of crushed almonds for sprinkling (1 pinch for each pie)

Products you need for the filling of one pie:

Provided is the dose for one pie, and you will decide if you just multiply it by 4. It depends on the molds you use. Feel free to improvise!

2 tbsp. grated quince

two pinches of cinnamon

marzipan on small pieces, size of a walnut

2 pinches of sugar

1 tbsp. almonds, crushed on big pieces

a piece of butter (on top of a knife)


Mix all the products for the dough until you get a soft butter cake.

I wrap it in a nylon foil and leave it for 30 minutes in the freezer.

After cooling, on a slightly floured surface, I knead the dough to a crust of about 5 mm.

Cut circles in the suitable shape. Keep in mind that they should be larger in diameter than those of the pies shapes to cover the walls.

I lay the circles in the molds so that they cover the bottom and walls well. Be gentle with the short dough. Do not press it, just lay it on. If the molds have a board, you can lightly model the dough in this part using a fork or making some kind of knit. This is just a visual effect.

Put the filling in the following order: 1 tbsp. quince, a pinch of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, 1 tbsp. almonds, marzipan, 1 tbsp. quince, a pinch of sugar, a pinch of cinnamon, some butter. It should not be ordered perfectly, just try to be evenly distributed anywhere in the basket/mold.

From the rest of the dough, cut out stars (using shapes). Their diameter is slightly smaller than that of the baking molds.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200ᴼC for 10 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 175ᴼC and bake for another 20 minutes. Total baking time does not exceed 30 minutes.

Shortly before they are ready, I spread them with an egg, sprinkle them with a little sugar and almonds and leave them for a few minutes, using top heat only.


Dr. Oetker’s marzipan is suitable for this recipe. It has a rich almond flavor.

I always say that baking time is tentative and depends on the baking tray and the oven. Ceaselessly check your bakeries.

Grease the baking trays, even they are non-sticky and the dough is greasy.