I use round cake tray, 24 cm diam.

In a search of a cake beyond the traditional wheaty-sugarish ones, I came across many recipes for pumpkin cakes (also suitable for pre-Christmas fasting days). I adopted everything I read in my own way to finally get this irresistibly aromatic and juicy Christmas dessert. Let’s say it’s less unhealthy than the standard bakings. The most important thing is that it is prepared in just some minutes.

Products you need:

2 cups of white flour (you can use whole grain wheat if you want to avoid white flour)

1 cups of rye flour

1 cups of sparkling natural mineral water

2 cups of raw sweet pumpkin, grated

½ cup of sunflower oil

250 g of organic coconut sugar (maybe plain, brown sugar or agave syrup)

½ coffee cup of raisins (my coffee cup = 200 ml)

½ coffee cup of crushed into big pieces walnuts

½ coffee cup of almond wheat

1 teaspoon cinnamon

½ teaspoon ground ginger

1 teaspoon baking powder

½ teaspoon baking soda


Preheat the oven to 200-220ᴼC.

In a wide container I mix and stir all the ingredients by hand. The dough is thick.

Pour the mixture into a round greased cake tray.

Put the tray/mold in the oven, 10 minutes later I lower the degrees to 175-180 ᴼC and bake until ready.

From time to time, I check the baking progress with a wooden skewer.


I use butternut squash pumpkin, which has a natural sweetness. If your pumpkin is not sweet enough, add more sugar or raisins.

Use whole grain flour if you prefer and do not worry about taste. It will also be great. I have done it several times.

If you prefer brown sugar or coconut, keep in mind that it is less sweet than the white. The agave syrup is sweeter than white sugar.

Cakes with grated fruit inside require more time to bake at a lower temperature and should remain juicy, but not raw.

Check with a bamboo skewer whether the cake is ready. The dough should not stick to the skewer. Check some parts in the middle of the cake where it is most likely to be raw.

I hardly ever specify baking time. It’s too misleading because it depends very much on the stove and the tray/mold which you use.