10 pieces of bread, 20 cm

This is an old family recipe from my grandmother – an authentic Bulgarian taste with traditional ingredients. It takes time, but it’s worth it. The recipe is surefire and suitable for the winter season.

Products you need for the filling:

500 g onion (or 6 medium-sized heads)

12 dried sweet red peppers

1/2 cup of walnuts, cut into large pieces with a knife

1 tbsp. of savory

salt to taste

1 tbsp. of red smoked paprika

sunflower oil to taste (for frying)

Products you need for the dough:

4 cups of flour (mounded above the rim)

50 g of fresh yeast

a pinch of sugar

1 and ½ cup of hot water

a pinch of  salt

Preparation of the filling:

I start with it because it needs to cool down. Soak the dried peppers in warm water for a few minutes to soften. I squeeze them out, remove the seeds and cut them into pieces of 1-2 cm.

In a saucepan, fry the finely chopped onion.

Add walnuts shortly before the onion is ready. I fry for 5 more minutes

Add the dried peppers, salt and savory. Stir for 1-2 minutes.

Add the red smoked paprika and stir vigorously for some seconds.

Remove the pot from the hob.

Preparation of the dough:

I put the yeast in 1 cup of warm water, stir, sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and wait a few minutes to activate.

In a wide bowl, put the flour and a pinch of salt (to be on the periphery of the bowl, not in the middle).

Make a well in the middle of the flour and pour the yeast solution into it.

Add 1/2 cup of warm water and knead soft dough.

Leave it to rise (in a warm oven, but off and covered with a cotton cloth).

After it rises, cut off balls. On a slightly floured surface and with greased hands, from each ball, I form a flat oval-shaped loaf (pita).

I put the filling along the length.

Close the loaf (flat pita bread) in length so that the filling remains inside and does not leak.

When I seal the loaf, with my fingers I do something like a brim on the edge (pinch and turn) to seal well (see the photo).

I place the loaves at a distance in a tray, the bottom of which I have previously lined with greased baking paper. The brim stays underneath.

Bake in a preheated oven at 200ᴼC for 10 minutes, and then lower the oven to 180 C and bake for another 15 minutes. Baking time is always indicative.


Dough, before and after rising, is very soft and sticky. It is difficult to process, it can crack. Do not worry; you just have to be very fast and skillful. I do not suggest that you add extra flour. Thus, after baking, the loaves will remain soft and fluffy.