Nice spicy flavor, lots of aroma and freshness, I offer you in this winter salad. No exact proportions are needed. It all depends on your taste preferences. I choose the turnip taste to prevail, then the celery and finally, the horseradish. Accordingly, I estimate the quantities of each vegetable.

Products you need:

1 bulb of  turnip (most often I use Swede)

1 celery head

a root of horseradish (I do not overdo it, it has a strong taste and even more intense aroma, I use it as an accent)

salt to taste

olive oil to taste

lemon juice to taste

nigella seeds, for sprinkling

1 tbsp. of very hot mustard (I prefer Irish strong mustard)

2 tbsp. of liquid honey


Rinse and unpeel the root vegetables.

Grate them on a coarse grater.

Mix well the honey with the mustard (always the ratio is 1: 2 in favor of the honey).

Season the grated roots with salt, olive oil, lemon juice and mustard mixture. Stir the whole salad in order to mix the tastes well.

Sprinkle with the nigella seeds.