17 bowls

I have many recipes. This is the easiest one. If you have not tried so far, you will see how simple it is, as long as you observe 2-3 rules. My dose is very big. You can make it smaller. It is important to note that 1 l of milk is added to 6 large eggs (at least) and 11 tbsp. of sugar.

Products you need:

2 l of fresh milk

12 big eggs

22 tablespoons sugar

vanilla, generously (the taste of it fits perfectly well)


Mix milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

 Mix them with a mixer.

Place bowls in a tray in which I pour cold water (up to a level of 2-3 cm from the bottom).

Pour the mixture into the bowls.

Put the tray in a cold oven.

Bake the creams in a heatproof tray (150ᴼC, about 90 min.).


To get a cream with a smooth structure and no water at the bottom of the bowls, the water in the pan should not boil. So bake at 150ᴼC, no longer. Otherwise, the cream will become very watery and into pieces. It has happened to me at least twice.

Do not be surprised that caramel is missing. If you want, you can add it. At home we do not like it at the bottom of the bowls. That’s why I make caramel custard – without caramel.