5-6 servings

The recipe is an escape from the trite products I use in everyday life. The dish is very aromatic and satiating. Unusual is for many people. It does not take time, you will be pleasantly surprised even if you are an amateur in the kitchen.

Products you need:

1.3 kg of white chicken, large pieces

1 bundle of celery (remove the cob from the stipe)

110 g smoked bacon/Pancetta/Prosciutto/on slices

1 onion, cut into large pieces

250 g chestnuts (I buy them cooked, see the picture)

20 g dried mushrooms, soaked in hot water for 30 minutes

black pepper to taste

1 tbsp. of the all-purpose spice halmahera (I buy it from specialized spice stores)

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

sunflower oil to taste (optional)

1 bundle of parsley (for generous sprinkling)


Clean, rinse the onion and the celery stipes. Cut the onion into big pieces. Cut the celery into small cubes.

In a tray, I arrange the chicken pieces (the big experts say not to rinse it, but I always do it), add the finely chopped bacon, the onion, the nutmeg, the black pepper and halmahera.

 Pour water to cover a little more than 2/3 of the content. In this liquid I include the water in which the dried mushrooms have been soaked.

Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC.

When the chicken is almost ready, add the celery, the chestnuts and the mushrooms.

Bake for another 15 minutes or until the celery softens. Add the sunflower oil to taste only if necessary.

The ready stew I generously sprinkle with parsley.


I do not put any salt because I buy pre-salted bacon. Sometimes halmahera also contains salt. Whenever I use a ready-mixed dry mix (such as halmahera), I check the ingredients to not overdo with some spice.

I do not add any flour as the chestnuts have a rich bread flavor. I rather do not pour too much water, instead of finally having to thicken the meal with flour.

You may not add any oil, as the bacon is very greasy.

Optionally, during baking, I add a cup of white wine (then consider to reduce the amount of water, having in mind a stew is prepared and not a soup).