4 servings

Use quince, pumpkin or both (as I do). I put the recipe in the “Healthy” section recipe – a delight for all senses without remorse!

Products you need:

½ pumpkin, butternut squash

2 large quinces (I use them with the skin)

to taste: ground cloves, cinnamon, agave sugar, honey, crushed walnuts


Wash out, peel and remove the pumpkin seeds. I cut it into big pieces. Even if you leave the skin, you will not do wrong.

Wash out, cut the quinces into halves/quarters (unpeeled), and then remove the seeds.

Place each fruit in a tray and pour 200-250 ml of water (to cover well the bottom of the tray).

Sprinkle the pieces with honey, agave sugar and the spices.

Bake in preheated oven at 200ᴼC; 10 minutes after baking, I lower the oven to 180ᴼC.

During baking, turn the pieces repeatedly to get crusty and a soft caramel wrapper from all sides.

Bake until browning and softening of the fruit.

The baked fruits I sprinkle with large pieces of chopped walnuts.